AMAQUEN was founded in 2003 in order to contribute to improving the quality of education and training system through scientific research activities and training to apply the concepts and approaches to the Total Quality Management in the field of education and training. In this context, the association organizes every year the activities of national and international character, including:International Conference on Quality of Education and Training (CIMQUSEF), a scientific demonstration gathered every year about forty researchers and experts from 20 to 30 countries meet each year to discuss the problems in the quality of education and training. To the borders of 2015 was organized 11 sessions.
National conference to the quality of education which is an annual space for discussion between the different actors educators raises pressing issues at the national level have been organized until 2015, seven debates;
International Symposium on Quality and systemic approach in partnership with the International Institute for Studies and systemic applications;
National Quality Week, an annual date for the dissemination of good practices in the field of quality of education;
Mahdi Elmandjra Quality Award in the field of education and training grants to institutions of excellence in this area Among the institutions that obtained by the International Graduate School of Management (ESIG), and the Higher Institute of Commerce and Management Contracting (ISCAE), and MUNDIAPOLIS;
AMAQUEN is an active member in some international organizations such as:International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education to ensure (INQAAHE);
International Society for Scientific Research (EAIR);
Mediterranean Network for Quality Assurance (QUARES);
AMAQUEN also embraces of the UNESCO Chair for Technical Education and Vocational Training Quality Management Division.AMAQUEN has issued several publications, including the proceedings of the International Conference, which includes scientific papers presented at the CIMQUSEF, and reports on the status of education and training system, and studies on the participation of Morocco in TIMSS and PIRLS. It also issued twice a year, an international scientific journal in the field of quality of education and training “The Journal of Quality in Education”.AMAQUEN also assists institutions in the implementation of the quality assurance system.